About the science and the responsibility of scientists


  •  I see no need for reassessment of value of science, of scientific thinking and of scientific progress, of science education. The graver are the problems facing the mankind the more there is the need for rational, objective, and unprejudiced, i.e. for the scientific approach to them. These problems are very heterogeneous in their character and causes. The economical and ecological difficulties, the exhaustion of  sources of energy and raw materials, pollution of the environment, the  threat of famine cannot be overcome without making wide and rational use of the achievements of science and technology, without new comprehensive in-depth studies, have no solutions outside of the continuous and expanding  world wide scientific and technical progress. At the same time, social change and social policies should also play a certain role  (An interview to the Italian newspaper Stampa, 1979)


  •  The social and the international problems wars, the spiritual crisis, crimes and drug addiction, terrorism,  fear of the future, fear of progress have been brought into existence by the course of the historical process as a whole, by the real contradictions and difficulties of the indescribably complex modern life, and, first of all,  by the basic conflict of our times: the conflict between totalitarianism and the pluralistic, scientific and democratic direction of development of the society. The scientific, rationalistic thinking bears no responsibility for these problems, but, on the contrary, is required for objective analysis of the situation. I believe that problems of this sort will continue for some time to plague the humankind on its road of development, challenging our capacities for reason, humanity, and altruism, as well as our wisdom. This is the greatest examination session, in which the humanity has to prove its right to exist.  (An interview to the Italian newspaper Stampa, 1979)


  •  The science establishes the truth, or rather it aspires to an increasingly full, exact, and comprehensive knowledge of the truth. In this sense, science is undivided. The uses made of science could be questionable.  (An interview to the Italian newspaper Stampa, 1979)


  •  It seems to me that scientists by virtue of internationalization of science and of their own relative independence should be able to take the stand informed by global concerns, concerns for humanity as the whole, that is the position that supersedes egotistical interests of their own state, their own nation, that rises above  prejudices of their own social system and its ideology, whether  it happens  be socialism or capitalism .  (The letter to the participants of the meeting in Sorbonne, 1983 )



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